36" Manual Tile Porcelain Tungsten Cutter Machine

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Manual tile cutter makes cutting smooth with tungsten carbide cutting wheels and deep groove ball bearings. Equipped with a retractable accuracy ruler it can ensure accurate cutting at multiple angles. The arc-lengthened non-slip handle is ergonomically designed to provide a better experience. The premium heavy-duty structure with a wide and stable base and retractable support feet improve the stability. It can cut up to 36 inches of tiles to meet your daily needs. It is very suitable for cutting ceramic tiles including ordinary floor tiles polished tiles etc. Don't hesitate to buy one! If you are looking for this product don't hesitate to place an order! Heavy Frame with solid I-shape tack sturdy and durable Tungsten carbide cutting wheel and deep groove ball bearings for smooth cutting Broad base covered rubber pad for stabilizing the tiles Equipped with accurate ruler for cut tiles accurately Shock-resistant wings on both sides to secure larger tiles Curved and lengthened handle is in line with human usage habits Suitable for all kinds of tile such as ordinary floor tiles polished tiles etc. Four corners with a plastic cover can be used to stabilize the cutter Adjustable angle ruler for adjusting Angle from 0 to 60 and fixing tiles

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