High Accuracy Waterproof Search Coil Metal Detector

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Are you looking for an excellent treasure hunter? The metal detector provides you with an extraordinary exploration journey. This detector gets quite sensitive as it approaches the metal. Upon moving towards the target the alarm goes on. The LCD screen allows you to clearly see the explored information and is convenient for you to adjust the sensitivity and mode. Hence you can conveniently locate the whereabouts of the treasure. The 10 high sensitive waterproof search coil promotes high effectivity in metal detection. It enables you to use our metal explorer in shallow water as well. It especially is suitable for outdoor activities and is widely used on various terrains. Backyards gardens parks and beaches are some of such examples. Its lightweight and adjustable design make it suitable for all ages. Come get it and explore together with your children for a different kind of fun! Distinguishing modes and 3 audio prompt for easy use. Intelligent LCD control panelvisualizes all data. Detects metals including gold silver brass aluminum iron and steel. Disc/notch control distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals. Unique audio prompt emits 3 different tonesfor different types of metals. Waterproof search coil for detection in shallow waters. Large 10 search coil makes metal detection more efficient and time-saving. Adjustable rod designis suitable for adults and teenagers. Widely used in backyards gardens parks mountains and even beaches.

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