2-in-1 Foldable Baby Walker with Music Player and Lights-Black

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"This mobile activity center lets your child learn both walking and eating.   More it helps in preventing O-type leg through exercising the limb's strength. It's made available in two different heights so that it can adapt to the child's age. The top steering wheel is rotatable with a horn. Besides the bottom at two sides can be pushed for playing lovely music. The volume can be controlled in order to prevent potential hearing damages. Most importantly its ASTM certified and all the materials that build this baby walker are safe for children. It's available right away!   If you are looking for a product like that do not hesitate to buy it!   ASTM certification guarantees children's health safety concerns. Adjustable height design fits for kids of different ages and heights. Simulated sound effect and rotatable steering wheel Adjustable volume protects children against hearing damages. Damping rear wheel prevents over speeding ""driving"". 6 anti-skid devices restrict rolling over on sloppy surfaces. Applicable for baby to learn to walk and care Easily storable in narrow spaces with foldable design Detachable cushions make it easier to clean. "