Exercise Adjustable Double Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine

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This is the gymax rowing machine which is perfect for your home or private gym. Use this rowing machine for an effective aerobic workout for a full body that burns fat and builds muscles which help in weight loss. The magnetic rower features an adjustable resistance system that allows a variety of body types and ages to achieve their exercise requirements. It also has an easy-to-read LCD fitness monitor soft seat pivoting footplates with velcro adjustable straps and comfortable non-slip grip handlebars.It is the perfect exercise equipment for your home or private gym. This is the gymax rowing machine. Don't hesitate to buy it. Great exercise equipment for your home or private gym Get a full-body workout exercise different parts of your body with one tool Up to 110 lbs double adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance create a versatile home rowing workout LCD monitor tracks your count per min time count calories distance and scan Constructed with sturdy steel for solid performance and durability The PU soft rowing seat on rollers effortlessly glides across the slide rail and supports you for longer rides Large pivoting pedals with velcro adjustable straps fit most foot sizes and make your feet remain in place Conveniently store and take up less space when not in use With a non-slip rowing handle for better grip Supports up to 110 lbs

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