4 Rollers Bubble Heating Foot Spa Massager

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The massager features heat preservation to stay water warm relaxing bubbles 4 detachable massage rollers and precision acupuncture point massage. The is the foot massager which is multifunctional to comfort achy heels toes arches ankles after your whole day work back home.With a rotary switch it's easy to use. This massager has 4 levels of setting providing 3 different functions. The multifunction feature effectively helps you to promote blood circulation improve metabolism relieve fatigue and smoothens the meridians. The 4 active massage rollers which roll the whole foot bones are set especially in water output. The small hole reserved between the biting edge of the top-cover and the tub-wall makes it easy to pour away the water. There is no doubt that it is the best choice for you to relax your foot spa bath just at home! What are you waiting for! Multifunctional massaging foot spa comforts achy heels toes arches ankles Ideal for athletes and people who work on their feet Constant heating bubbling massage red light exposure Multiple water jets create thousands of calming bubbles to relieve pressure and pain The water warms up for a relaxing spa experience 4 active massage rollers Anti-skip rubber supporting legs Anti-splash water guarder Uses quality PTC heating semiconductor - speed heating maintaining a constant temperature and secure multi-insulation protection Notes: Please pay attention to not use without water in case of hazardous events and machine burnout

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