37 Key Electronic Keyboard Kids Toy Piano-Blue

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This electronic toy piano has an elegant and cute design and with a chic pink look that will instantly attract the attention of any girl. Do you want your child to explore its music interests and talents? It is suitable for children over the age of three while stimulating children's creativity and interest in music. Made from environmentally friendly ABS and PP materials it is safe and non-toxic protecting your child's health. It has 37 electronically tuned keys that give this toy a realistic piano sound. With multiple instrument settings rhythms and sounds this keyboard and microphone set allows your child to sing while playing. Make your child the biggest musical star in your home! It is the best gift for your child so don't hesitate and buy it! Suitable for children over the age of three. Elegant and modern design with a chic pink color. A perfect gift for your girls! Made from environmentally friendly ABS and PP materials making it safe and non-toxic. Sturdy construction makes the structure stable and durable. Includes a detachable microphone and a stool. 37 electronically tuned keys for realistic piano sounds. You can choose between eight different instrumental sounds and eight rhythms. Recording and playing functions with adjustable volume control. There are whistle buttons vibrato keys switch keys demo music keys etc. Instructional functions will help your children learn how to play songs. MP3 interface including environmentally friendly MP3 cable. Two power modes: battery mode and direct USB charging mode (including USB cable). The smooth surface is very easy to clean and maintain. Easy to assemble according to the instructions.

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