Freestanding Baby Mini Play Climber Slide Set with HDPE anf Anti-Slip Foot Pads-Blue

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The freestanding kid slide is dedicated to bringing fun and happiness to children in a safe environment. The handrails are a little higher than the normal slide handrails allowing kids to climb the steps easier. In addition the non-slip pedals and foot pads prevent the baby from falling down easily when climbing due to poor stability. The slide slope is gentle enough for the kids to climb by themselves. Meanwhile the smooth slide is made of durable HDPE material which is safe and environmentally friendly. The triangular structure design between the steps and the kid slide provides a stable base. Along with the detailed instruction it is for ease of assembling this slide without tools. Steps with non-slip design to prevent baby from falling down Spacious pedals provide ample space for children to climb Higher handrails are designed for easy grip The stable structure of triangle to increase stability Environmentally friendly HDEP material is harmless The smooth and burr-free surface safe for kids to play 4 foot pads with an anti-slip design increase stability Assemble it without tools saving you time and effort Suitable for your lovely one over 6 months to play

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