4 Wheels Kids Ride On Pedal Powered Bike Go Kart Racer Car Outdoor Play Toy-Green

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This pedal go-kart for boys and girls is suitable for children ages 3 to 8 and for both indoor and outdoor use. It has an automatic balancing system for enhanced balance and stability. Four big rubber wheels with anti-skid textures add more stability and balance to the kart ensuring the safety of your kids. Good wear resistance makes it durable enough to be used on any hard surface or even on grass bringing more exciting riding experience for your kids. With this Pedal Go-Kart your kids will become sports lovers and more attracted to a healthier lifestyle. Give your kids a childhood full of fun and adventures don't hesitate to buy one! Automatic balancing system with four wheels for better balance and stability A low gravity center will prevent the kart from flipping over Wear-resistance rubber wheels with anti-sliding textures Easy operation of the pedals to ride forward or in reverse Ergonomic adjustable seat (2 positions) with a high backrest for additional comfort A fully enclosed chain protects your kids from falling out of the kart The steel frame offers a big load-bearing capacity The 3-point steering wheel for the authentic driving experience Available in 3 colors: green red and blue Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use Suitable for a variety of surfaces Intended for children age 3 to 8

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