42 Inch 2 Speed GT QS8005 3.5 Ch 42" RC Helicopter Builtin Gyroscope New Version

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This helicopter is a desirable playmate to children which shall cheer them up to the utmost extent with its marvelous appearance and function. The newest model with the latest gyroscope technology this helicopter brings special joyfulness to you. The regular 3.5 channels allow you to fly : Up down turn left turn right move forward backward. This new 3.5 channels do all that plus it let you control the speed you can either fly at a low or high speed by simply switching the speed control button. There are not many flying around be the first to own one of this beautiful helicopter. This new QS8005 3.5CH gyro metal RC helicopter is fully assembled with all pre-flight adjustments completed. Simply remove it from the box charge and insert the batteries and get ready to take-off. If you are looking for such a toy for your children don't hesitate to take this one home. Intelligent tail-lock omni-directional 360 degree locating function Omni-directional flying: Ascending descending turn left turn right forward backward hovering Built-in high capacity lithium battery Digital memorizing function makes the helicopter fly easier Color night lights make it convenient to fly at night The transmitter is equipped with functional button which can control the light on the fuselage The package is equipped with everything needed to get airborne (Except 8 AA batteries for the remote controller)

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