Adjustable High Accuracy Metal Detector with Waterproof Search Coil Headphone Bag

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"Start your tour and find the treasure with this metal detector. This metal detector is designed to offer you the extraordinary experience of finding precious metal. With the distinguish and all metal mode the metal detector comes with more accuracy and also helps you to distinguish the targeted metal from unwanted metals. Additionally the metal detector is equipped with an extra-large waterproof search coil. The large-sized search coil ensures more efficiency helping to detect more metal. More importantly the coil is water-proof so as to adapt to various working environments such as beaches streams puddles etc. You don't have to worry that long-time use will be painstaking. The metal detector can be adjusted from 42.5""-53"" offers the most comfortable position for people of different heights suitable for both kids and adults. You can freely adjust the sensitivity to 8 levels according to different needs. If you are looking for a product like this. Don't hesitate to buy it! The oversized search coil is waterproof for all kinds of circumstances Adjustable sensitivity with 8 levels according to different needs Ergonomic hand rest offers a comfortable using experience With distinguish and all-metal modes for better accuracy Features a carrying bag for convenient storage and transport The backlit LCD display on the top clear shows the concerned digital 3 kinds of sound frequency indicating different metals Built with the headphone to reduce noise while detecting metals Ideal for both beginners and professionals to use "