3 HVLP Auto Paint Car Primer Air Spray Gun Kit

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This is the brand new 3 pcs HVLP air spray gun kit which include 3 spray guns. Suitable to spray cars machines furniture instruments drawings toys crafts and small spots. The first spray gun comes with a 1.0 mm needle and nozzle set for finishing and touch up work the second one comes with a 1.4mm needle and nozzle set for lighter materials such as high quality base coats and clear coats and the third one come with a 1.7mm needle and nozzle set for heavier materials such a primers spray fillers and upholstery adhesives. If you are lookong for a air spray gun kit like this don't hesitate to buy it! Brand new and high quality Heavy duty aluminum construction Excellent condition Multi-purpose gun with Paint needle and paint nozzle Comes with a locking air regulator with pressure gauge Paint smoothly and evenly with its sector painting range lighter gun body more comfortable components lower noise more comprehensive ergonomic design High quality aluminum carrying box

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