1Gallon Fish Aquarium Tank with Filter Air Pump-White

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The shell is made of acrylic which is more transparent than ordinary glass. It can let you take care of your fish more clearly. The LED light can also let you watch the fish at night providing another brand-new experience. The built-in mute water pump will not disturb your rest at night. The filter cotton can filter out the impurities in the water and provide a healthy environment for the fish. You can decorate the fish tank with artificial aquatic plastic plants and blue jean aquarium gravel that comes with it or you can buy other decorations to create your own unique fish tank. This is also very suitable as a gift for friends. If you are looking for a home for your little fish this fish tank may be perfect for you. Don't hesitate to buy it! Made of acrylic better light transmission better viewing effect and more durable than glass With LED lighting providing an updated viewing experience and LED lights are more energy efficient and brighter Equipped with a filter sponge which can filter out impurities in the water when filling with water Water pump can adjust the air volume and it can also be tightened and quiet There is a drain hole at the bottom for easy water change Top vents prevent overheating Top feeding hole for easy fish feeding Water must higher than the minimum water line to prevent the pump from heating up and damaging Include with artificial aquatic plastic plants and blue aquarium gravel Perfect as a gift for friends and family