300 pcs 17" x 24" Pet Wee Pee Piddle Pad

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The house training pads made of soft non-woven fabrics in perfect size is suitable for pets like puppies dogs and cats.   This puppy wee pee pad which is perfect for training your lovely pets to piddle and protecting your house from damage and dirts on the floor. The material contains non-woven fabrics bibulous paper wood pulp and PE film which will also be used in human incontinence pads. It's a perfect solution for you to share a happy time with your pets while still have easy access to house clean.   The pads are an ideal option if you live in an apartment or condo and a great option when it is raining outside.   Brand new and high quality Keep your house clean Train your pets to wee cleverly Soft non-woven fabrics to protect your pets’ skin Advanced bibulous paper to contain more fluid Wood pulp and PE film are economic and environmental-friendly material Ideal to protect your floor from your pets’ excreta

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