26 Quart Portable Cooler with Food Grade Material-Blue

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The 26-quart ice chest is up for any adventure you are! A thick food-grade PU insulation layer along with dual latches keeps your beverage and fish refreshing for 4 days while the heavy-duty PE cover ensures the cooler survives at the most rigorous outdoor elements. 26-quart capacity keeps at least 20 cans of beverage cool for entertaining a group of people at a BBQ party. Featuring a stainless handle you can take this cooler with you to any place. It also has drainage holes for easy cleaning and maintenance. Any outdoor activity will need this cooler especially in the hot summer! Great ice retention of 3-4 days with thick insulation walls Food grade PE and PU material for cover and insulation layer Easy transportation with stainless and anti-skid handle 26 quart equals at least 20 cans of soda A tight seal guaranteed by dual latches Compact design with the lightweight of 15.5 lbs Entertain your friends on camping fishing tailgating and other outdoor events Easy to clean with drainage hole and smooth surface The top can handle a maximum weight of 440 lbs

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