Super Lightweight Bodyboard Surfing with Leash EPS Core Boarding-L

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This bodyboard gives you a cool and wonderful experience of riding a wave on a hot summer day. The crescent tail has great flexibility and comfort to suit your different riding styles. Made of high-quality EPS core XPE deck and HDPE slick bottom it has strong buoyancy and load-bearing capacity. Moreover it has good impact resistance and weather resistance making it difficult to deform and fade. The most important thing is that it has a leash and a wristband that protects you from being washed away by the waves. The light weight is easy to carry and transport so you can take it to the pool water park river and sea. If you are looking for abodyboard surfing like this do not hesitate to place an order! Not easy to break or deform due to the durable EPS core Waterproof XPE deck has good impact resistance and durability Smooth HDPE bottom greatly reduces the friction during surfing Ultra-light in weight makes bodyboard very easy to carry wherever you go It has excellent buoyancy and strong load-bearing capacity Leash and wrist rope design improves safety and stability during surfing The bodyboard has 60/40 rails rear channels and a crescent tail Bright colors and stylish design attract attention from the seaside Suitable for water sports giving you a wonderful outdoor surfing experience

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