9 Pads MIDI Electronic Roll Up Drum Set

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Not every home has spacious space for a drum kit. And this roll-up electronic drum set lets you play in any setting. It features 9 sensitive pads including 2 crashes 3 toms 1 snare 1 bass 1ride and 1 hi-hat of which sound effect is similar to the real drum. Only need to use the wooden drumsticks to stick the sensitive-touch pads and press the foot pedals for a perfect performance. Easy enough for anyone to be skilled in playing in a short time. Press the buttons to cycle through 7 tones 7 rhythms and 10 demos to enhance your performance further. Designed with dual built-in speakers it delivers dynamic sound with the super bass effect. While its colorful LED lights add more fun to performance superior to the ordinary plain design. Lightweight and road-handy with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery the roll-up drum pads brings much more convenience in playing without the limitation of place. If you are looking for such a product don't hesitate to place an order! 9 Pads include 1 snare 3 toms 1 crash 1 ride and 1 hi-hat 7 Tones 7 rhythms 10 demos reproduce realistic drum sound Sensitive-touch pads only require light force while 2 wooden drumsticks help to beat the drum 2 Foot pedals left for hi-hat and right for bass drum Dual built-in speakers deliver astonishing bass effect sound Colorful LED lights add more fun to performance USB MIDI function enables the drum pads to be connected with several digital devices Compatible with DTX games for interesting enjoyment Connect with headphone without disturbing others or being disturbed The digital display shows tone and rhythm setting Power lights representing remaining power as a good reminder in case of lack of power Support wireless function record function and playback function 2000mAh large capacity rechargeable battery for long-lasting playing time Roll-up design with portable handle allows you to play anywhere you

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