Zoo Med Reptisun LED UVB High Output Terrarium Hood 36" Hood - 5 Modules

Zoo Med Reptisun LED UVB High Output Terrarium Hood 36" Hood - 5 Modules

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Zoo Meds Reptisun High Output LED UVB Terrarium Hoods combine the energy efficiency and brilliance of LED lights with the safe, effective UVB and color-enhancing light of the time tested Reptisun T5 fluorescent lamp. 6500K LEDs, Red LEDs, and Blue Lunar LEDs allow you to create naturalistic daylight, soft moonlight, and plant stimulating red light in your terrarium, while the T5 Reptisun lamp provides your pet with the UVB it needs to thrive.

  • Adjustable high output LED lighting hood for terrariums
  • Reptisun 5.0 T5 HO lamp included for safe and effective UVB
  • Provides brilliant white, red or blue lighting for reptiles and amphibians
  • Bright light provides improved color rendering
  • Individual modules for easy LED replacement
  • Long life: 20,000 hour life range

A highly polished, curved reflector in the hood maximizes light efficiency and UVB penetration, allowing you to get the most out of each lamp. This light fixture is ideal for large terrariums, terrariums with live plants, and any species of reptile or amphibian that benefits from bright, visible light and UVB exposure.

High output LEDs allow you to specialize the hood for any scenario or terrarium inhabitant. Four 1 watt 6,500K Daylight LEDs create brilliant, truly naturalistic lighting. 465 nm Blue LED simulates nighttime lighting with a stunning lunar effect and great nocturnal viewing. Two 0.5 watt 620 nm Red LEDs provide the optimum wavelength to stimulate photosynthesis for robust live plant growth. Switches on the hood allow you to control the LEDs independently.

Sliding rails allow you to customize the hoods footprint to fit a variety of terrarium tank sizes, and an optional stainless steel "aircraft cable" suspension kit is included, allowing you to position the hood over more open reptile or amphibian habitats.

1-year manufacturer warranty.

24": 3 LED Modules with 22" T5 Bulb
30": 4 LED Modules with 22" T5 Bulb
36": 5 LED Modules with 34" T5 Bulb

Why is UVB important
Reptiles need UVB for Vitamin D production and calcium metabolism. Without UVB, reptiles can develop Metabolic Bone Disease in 6 months or less. UVB, along with proper temperatures, will enable your reptiles to make Vitamin D and process calcium from their diet.

Three Lighting Modes:
WHITE ONLY: 6500K daylight for bright, naturalistic lighting of reptile and amphibian habitats. Great for habitats without live plants or with artificial plants.
WHITE WITH RED: 6500K daylight with 620 nm red for habitats with live plants.
BLUE MOONLITE: Low light 60 milliwatt blue LED simulates "Lunar Effect" and provides for nighttime viewing.

Always follow all safety instructions when setting up and operating your terrarium light hood.

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