[Pack of 2] - Elite Biofoam Double Sponge Filter 1 count

[Pack of 2] - Elite Biofoam Double Sponge Filter 1 count

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The Elite Double BioFoam Sponge Filter is an air-driven filter that efficiently oxygenates and filters aquarium water. The foam filter performs biological and mechanical filtration by trapping floating debris and providing ideal conditions for beneficial bacteria to grow. To maintain effective biological filtration always rinse the foam filter in water taken from the aquarium. Oxygenation of aquarium water is best achieved by positioning the vertically adjustable outlet at the water surface. This compact internal filter system can conveniently be installed in a variety of locations inside the aquarium and is completely safe for even the smallest baby fish (fry).

  • Provides Mechanical and Biological filtration for Easy Aquarium Maintenance
  • Harmful Wastes are Biologically Transformed Into a Relatively Harmless Substance by Aerobic Bacteria that Accumulate in the Foam
  • The Air-Driven System Creates Suction that Allows the Foam to Capture Particles and Return Purified Water to the Tank
  • Suction Cups to Help Keep Filter in Place
  • Safe for Even Small Fry

MAINTENANCE: Rince foam weekly in water from aquarium. Never rinse foam in hot or cold water, this will destroy beneficial bacteria accumulating in the foam.