[Pack of 4] - Weco Instant De-Chlor Water Conditioner .5 oz

[Pack of 4] - Weco Instant De-Chlor Water Conditioner .5 oz

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Weco DeChlor instantly eliminates chlorine and reduces toxicity of common heavy metals, making tap water safe for your aquarium fish. Just 1 drop per U.S. gallon removes chlorine and chlorine dioxide.

  • Instantly eliminates chlorine
  • REduces toxicity of heavy metals
  • Safe to use in saltwater or marine aquariums that utilize protein skimmers or foam fractionators
  • Will not cause foaming
  • DeChlor also reduces the toxicity of heavy metals such as copper, cadmium, mercury, silver, zinc, lead, nickel, manganese, and sodium selenite which may be harmful to aquatic life. Use when filling your fish tank for the first time or when performing a water change to properly condition tap water for fish.

    Removes Chlorine - Add 1 drop per gallon
    Removes Chloramine - Add 2 drops per gallon

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