Zilla Pro Sol Fixture with Timer 20" Long - (Tank Size 10 or Larger)

Zilla Pro Sol Fixture with Timer 20" Long - (Tank Size 10 or Larger)

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Zilla Pro Sol Fixtures combine the latest in reptile lighting technology into one sleek, modern fixture. Each unit features multiple heat sockets for UVA/UVB bulbs to create a steady gradient throughout the terrarium, as well as separate sockets for fully controllable day and night lighting - eliminating the need for multiple fixtures!

  • Provides essential heat and light in one sleek, low profile design
  • Full heat, UVA and UVB coverage for a healthy reptile
  • Two cord switches for individual control of night and day lighting
  • For use with high efficiency Zilla Mini Halogen and Mini UVA/UVB bulbs (not included)
  • Customizable for tropical and desert reptiles

A surface mounted LCD screen timer provides additional control of day and night settings and the 24-hour dedicated basking spot. The timer features a backup battery to maintain proper terrarium conditions even if the power goes out.

Note: Bulbs and mounting clips sold separately.

20" Fixture: Tank Size 10 or Larger
30" Fixture: Tank Size 30 Breeder or Larger