[Pack of 4] - Kordon Ich Attack 4 oz

[Pack of 4] - Kordon Ich Attack 4 oz

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Kordon Ich Attack is a 100% organic disease treatment for fresh and saltwater aquariums, including those with reefs and live rock. Its safe, effective, and treats diseases caused by: Ich, fungus, protozoans, and dinoflagellats.

  • 100% organic aquarium disease treatment
  • Safe for fresh, saltwater and reef aquariums
  • Treats diseases caused by: Ich, Fungus, Protozoans and Dinoflagellates
  • 4 oz Treats 240 Gallons
    16 oz Treats 960 Gallons

    Instructions: Remove all carbon from the filter during treatment. Shake the Ick Attack well before using. Add 1 teaspoon of Ick Attack per 10 gallons of water. Repeat dosage daily for one week.