[Pack of 3] - Kordon NovAqua + Water Conditioner 16 oz

[Pack of 3] - Kordon NovAqua + Water Conditioner 16 oz

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Kordon NovAqua Plus will help protect the health of both fishes and invertebrates by inhibiting viruses and harmful bacteria, and by providing an immune system booster and a protective body slime replacer.

  • Provides a protective skin slime coat
  • Contains organic immune health aids
  • Adds electrolytes and vitamins
  • Provides an organic virus inhibitor
  • Removes chlorine and toxic metals
  • Breaks down chloramines

In addition, NovAqua Plus adds electrolytes needed for proper osmotic balance, and detoxifies tap water by removing all chlorine, balancing alkalinity, and helping stabilize water pH. NovAqua Plus will not harm plants, beneficial bacteria or biological filters contains no phosphates, and will not contaminate ground or wastewater.

The manufacturer states, for any Kordon water conditioners, including the NovAqua products, they are "Nontoxic to humans, pets, and aquatic life." This is included on most of their product labels as well.

1 oz - Treats 60 Gallons
4 oz - Treats 240 Gallons
8 oz - Treats 480 Gallons
16 oz - Treats 960 Gallons
1 Gallon - Treats 7,693 Gallons
5 Gallons - Treats 38,400 Gallons