[Pack of 4] - Flukers Repta-Waterer Large (16 oz Capacity)

[Pack of 4] - Flukers Repta-Waterer Large (16 oz Capacity)

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Flukers Repta-Waterer provides clean, fresh drinking water for terrarium inhabitants of all shapes and sizes. The clear reservoir automatically keeps the bowl filled, so your pets are never in danger of going thirsty.

  • Automatic waterer for reptiles
  • Durable, tip-resistant and easy to clean
  • With Cricket Guard filter screen
  • Small Repta-Waterer Holds 5 os of Water
  • Large Repta-Waterer Holds 16 oz of Water

With durable, thick-wall construction and an extra-wide anti-tip base, the Repta-Waterer is safe for your pets and will last for years. Assembly, filling, and cleaning is quick and easy. Ideal for iguanas, turtles, lizards, hermit crabs, and more.