[Pack of 4] - Flukers Incandescent Basking Bulb 150 Watt

[Pack of 4] - Flukers Incandescent Basking Bulb 150 Watt

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Flukers Basking Bulb is an excellent source of direct infrared light, which creates the radiant heat cold-blooded reptiles need to maintain proper metabolism. These long-life bulbs last up to 3,500 hours and fit any standard incandescent socket.

  • Incandescent reptile lighting
  • Source of radiant heat (infrared light)
  • 3,500 hour life

Basking light is critical for diurnal (sun-loving) reptiles. If a reptile is not provided with appropriate environmental temperature range (ETR), it cannot regulate its core body temperature and may be more prone to chronic infections. Ideal ETR varies from species to species; consult your pet professional for lighting recommendations for your pet. Use Flukers Incandescent Basking Bulbs with Flukers Repta-Sun UVB lamps to mimic natural sunlight in your reptiles habitat.

Directions: Gently fasten the Flukers incandescent bulb into a Fluker Clamp Lamp or Hood or any UL approved incandescent fixture. Do not plug light fixture into an electrical socket until bulb is fastened firmly to fixture. Place light fixture outside of reptiles enclosure. NEVER place the light fixture inside the enclosure. Reptiles can develop life-threatening thermal burns from contact with an exposed light bulb.

Note: Multiple incandescent lights may be required to establish an appropriate ETR. A Flukers thermometer can be used to monitor temperature within the reptiles environment. Reptile behavior is directly tied to photoperiod (light cycle), so it is important to provide appropriate intervals of light and darkness. Flukers recommends a 12-hour day/12 hour night light cycle. A Flukers red light can be used to observe your reptile at night.