[Pack of 3] - Aqueon Pro Carnivore Formula Pellet Food 4.3 oz

[Pack of 3] - Aqueon Pro Carnivore Formula Pellet Food 4.3 oz

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Aqueon Pro Carnivore Formula Pellet Food is a nutritionally balanced formula for carnivorous fish that was developed around carnivorous fish natural diet. The new Wellplex, a proprietary blend of macro and microalgae as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, supports the fishs immune system more holistically. Carnivores prey on a variety of different animals in the wild. This formula includes multiple protein sources as well as the fiber naturally found in the digestive system of their prey. The sinking tab shape is ideal for wide mouth bottom-dwelling species like Axolotls and Polypterus in addition to larger South American Cichlids. The Aqueon PRO foods are high quality, formulated with ingredients designed by leading fish nutritionists, and focused on the natural diet of the fish.

  • Nutritionally balanced for carnivorous fish
  • Prey based nutritional variety
  • High bioavailability for enhanced digestion
  • Ideal for bottom-dwelling species and large South American Cichlids
  • Ideal for Oscars, Jack Dempseys, Texas Cichlids, Managuense Cichlids, Green Terror Cichlids, Red Terror Cichlids, Red Devil Cichlids, Frontosas, Sleeper Gobies, Polypterus and Robe Fish, Large-Mouthed Catfish, Axolotls and Water Dogs