PondCare Microbial Algae Clean 64 oz (Treats 19;200 Gallons)

PondCare Microbial Algae Clean 64 oz (Treats 19;200 Gallons)

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PondCares Microbial Algae Clean is an alternative approach to algae control! Want to clear algae from your pond Try Algae Clean! This is the first bacterial algaecide registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Improves dissolved oxygen levels and reduces noxious odors
  • Biological inhibitor of green water algae
  • Promotes a clean pond environment

Algae Clean consists of patented beneficial bacteria to help control green water algae in your pond. The bacteria helps establish the biological filter and remove organic sludge and debris, keeping your pond clean and algae free.

Microbial Algae Clean is safe to use in ponds and water gardens containing live plants and fish and is completely odor free. Follow all directions for use.