[Pack of 3] - Cat Mate 2" Wall Liner For Models #234 & #235

[Pack of 3] - Cat Mate 2" Wall Liner For Models #234 & #235

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The Cat Mate Cat Flap Wall Liner is your solution for cat doors in thick walls. Perfect for walls of all thicknesses, the wall liner will keep your cat from getting caught or scratched when passing through rough walls, like brick. The Wall Liner is made of durable plastic and paintable.

  • For walls of all thicknesses
  • Paintable plastic material
  • Protects cats from rough wall interiors

Each liner covers 50mm (2"). Use an additional liner for every 50mm of wall thickness.

Directions: For use with Cat Flap models: 234W, 235W, 234G, 235G, 234B, 235B.

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