Armless Accent Upholstered Fabric Dining Chair

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Its soft linen fabric upholstery differs from traditional linen fabric which combines good breathability with tactility giving you unique user experience.   Bring a contemporary elegant look to your room with the sapphire medallion pattern accent chair.  It is well known that sitting comfortableness mostly depends on the design of seat and backrest and that’s why it adopts a wider seat and curved backrest. Fitting well with people’s body curves the accent chair takes the comfortableness to the higher level. Meanwhile if you like you can also use it as a dining chair in the dining room leisure chair in the living room and more.   If you are looking for such a product don't hesitate to place an order!   Soft linen fabric upholstery breathable and good-tactile Sapphire medallion pattern for aesthetic beauty High resilience thick sponge nondeforming for comfortable sitting experience The wide seat curved backrest ergonomic design for higher comfort The sturdy structure provides firm support with 330 lbs load-bearing capacity 2 Types of footpads adjustable ones for higher stability anti-slip ones for floor protection Suitable for living room dining room bedroom as reception chair accent chair dining chair etc Easy assembly in a short time saves you time and energy