Retractable Baby Safety Gate with Easy Latch and Flexible Design-Black

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This baby gate is a retractable safety gate that is designed to fit into most room styles. Its designed to keep children and pets away from dangerous staircases and restricted areas thus greatly reducing your worry. As it comes with a convenient latch operating this mesh door is now possible with only one hand. Its even handier when one of your hands is consumed. Meanwhile the gate is adjustable to a reasonable width up to 51. When not in use this mesh lining can be discreetly rolled up that saves you space and time making it suitable for a variety of doorways stairways and room openings. Use it in large hallways on top of the stairs and more such areas to have your baby and pets protected from unwanted accidents and dangers. If you're looking for such a product don't hesitate to buy it. Keeps children and pets away from staircases and dangerous places. Lock or unlock it easily through pressing and twisting the ball cap. The mesh lining discreetly rolls up saving you space and making it suitable for a variety of space. Reduces your concerns on the safety of your children or pets. The width of the door is adjustable to 51 inches maximum. Easily operated by one hand. Easy installation with the detailed instruction provided. Premium aluminum alloy structure and soft mesh make it durable for long terms use.

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