43 Gallon Composting Tumbler Compost Bin with Dual Rotating Chamber

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Grow your green thumb with an outdoor 43-gallon tumbling composter! The dual-chamber composting bin is made of durable PP material and steel. It can easily and effectively convert your kitchen waste into fertile soil thereby enhancing the composting effect. The double-storage design allows you to produce abundant and healthy fertilizer without interruption in the continuous alternation. Beyond that aeration holes and deep fins promote air circulation and promote composting. Simply load it close the sliding door and turn it in every few days to produce the final compost in a short time. It is an ideal choice for your backyard and can help your garden thrive. Premium iron and PP materials strong and durable for long term use With a large capacity of 43 gallons to meet most garden composting needs Tumble design speeds up the composting cycle Turn your kitchen and garden waste into rich compost With holes and deep fins to keep air circulation and compost fresh The dual-chamber design facilitates batch composting Sliding doors with large openings easy to add materials

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