Squirrel-proof Caged Tube Wild Bird Feeder Outdoor Metal Seed Guard Deterrent

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Enjoy nature from the comfort of your home! Mount outside on a hook stand or feeding station and enjoy hours of birding entertainment. The squirrel-proof bird feeder serves to attract varieties of wild birds and transform your backyard into a natural paradise. Feeding beautiful birds and listening to them singing are certain to bring you endless fun. Surrounded by the iron cage the squirrel-proof bird feeder is amazingly durable and sturdy. The precisely sized openings allow in smaller songbirds but not squirrels which are also sturdy enough to withstand long-time chewing and tearing. The PC tube is transparent for easily cleaning and filling with the aim of offering maximum convenience. If you feed birds do not miss it! Enjoy nature from the comfort of your home Fun from feeding and watching birds is priceless Made of premium iron material for long-term use Comes with stainless steel wire for easy hanging PC tube features the transparent design for refilling in time Precise sized openings allow in smaller birds but not squirrels Four well-spaced feeding ports allow multiple birds to feed simultaneously.