Wild Bird Feeder Planter Hanger with Mesh Tray and Bird Bath

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Start to enjoy hours of bird watching with the bird feeding station kit!   Turn your yard into a bird lovers' paradise with this bird feeding station kit! With the height of 79” the feeding station is naturally to attract the most beautiful birds and offer a vibrant scene. You just need to insert it in yard or garden and enjoy hours of birding entertainment. Feeding beautiful birds and listening to them singing are certain to bring you endless fun. Made of sturdy iron material the bird feeding station kit is amazingly durable and stable. More importantly the bird feeding station kit features completed accessories.   Both watering and bathing solution is available for birds. The mesh tray and birdbath are also adjustable.   The firmly built iron frame is hard to deform Both watering and bathing solution is available With top hooks to hang flower baskets or bird feeders Designed in optimum height to attract more wild birds Comes with 2 prongs providing additional stability and support. Both mesh tray and birdbath can be adjusted to the desired position Detachable design for convenient storage and transport