Outdoor Garden Yard Wild Bird Feeder Weatherproof House-Green

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If you have a neighborhood bird that is always flying around your home or you want to help the birds who are having difficulty finding food. This bird feeders can help you feed and observe various types of birds. This cute feeder is made in the shape of a house which will surely attract many birds to your backyard. An unfixed roof allows you easy access to the inside part not only for supplying the food but for cleaning as well. The transparent window allows you to monitor the amount of food left inside. The unique design allows the seeds to be evenly distributed into the seed tray and stops dispensing after the tray is full. Don't hesitate and buy one now. Make your yard the next hip meeting place for birds! Iron sheet material makes it durable and sturdy The bird platform can be easily opened and closed An unfixed roof makes it easy to access and fill the food The hanging cord allows it to be hung on a branch Transparent windows allow you to easily monitor the amount of food left A roof that can be opened allows you to clean the interior of the bird feeder without any trouble Red blue and green colors are available The lovely shape makes it a perfect decoration for any garden Perfect gift for your loved ones