1500W Baseboard Hardwire Electric Heater Fast Heating with Remote Control Timer

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In winter clothes always take a long time to dry. At this time all you need is a baseboard hardwire electric zone heater like this.   In addition to drying clothes the heater can quickly heat the entire room.The wide air inlet and outlet can make the airflow quickly so as to achieve the purpose of rapid heating. The adjustable temperature of 48°F to 98°F is convenient for you to choose according to your needs and room temperature. In addition you can set the running time to any value between 0 and 24 hours. In this way at a certain time this heater will automatically turn off. In order to reduce potential safety hazards we designed a triple safety guarantee for this heater. The heaters are designed with full consideration of function safety and beauty to bring you a perfect shopping experience.   If you are looking for this product don't hesitate to buy it!   Perfect indoor baseboard electric heater with quiet operation 48°F to 98°F adjustable temperature for you to choice 0 to 24 hours timer function to reduce energy waste Remote control or touch screen control for simple operation 750W/1500W heating power to meet different needs Tip-over & overheat protection prevent accident Child lock ensures baby's safety and prevents them from being injured Anti-scalding grill prevents users from being accidentally scalded Stable structure and premium material for long-term service Touch screen clearly displays the temperature and room temperature Detachable supporting feet ensure that the heater stands firmly Can be used to heat the room or dry clothes UL certified plug ensures high quality and safety