Centrifugal Juice Machine with Wide Mouth and 2 Speed Mode

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"This upgraded centrifugal juicer machine will bring you a healthier lifestyle. The 2.5"" wide feeder chute allows you to juice entire apple or pear without cutting saving more time to get fresh juice. Two-speed control is suitable for both soft and juicy fruits and vegetables as well as hard foods. It can supply you with different vitamins and minerals. It is worth mentioning that the machine with safety system will not operate unless all parts are assembled and attached correctly. In addition when the motor overheats the overload protection will automatically cut off the power. This juicer is definitely a good helper for you to enjoy fresh juice with peace of mind! If you are looking for a juice machine like this do not hesitate to place an order! Made of odorless food grade materials and passed ETL certification Overload protection system to extend the motors service life Wide feed chute for juicing large pieces of fruits and vegetables without cutting Safety locking bar to ensure the cover is on tight while operating Dual-speed control for meeting different juicing needs(Max speed: 18000 RPM) Could not operate unless all parts have been assembled correctly Designed with non-slip pads for added stability With large capacity pulp collector and juice cup All detachable parts are dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned with a brush "