Air Purifier Replacement Filter Active Carbon Replacement Filter

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This active carbon filter can properly combine with an air purifier to release fresh air for you and your family. And it can powerfully absorb and solidify as well as crystallize further remove chemical substances such as benzene and other peculiar smell. This durable filter filled with carbon will help you create a clean and comfortable living condition. We suggest replacing the old and dirty filter every year. But you can replace it earlier according to the actual operating environment. And the filter net is designed with a strap for easy pulling and replacing. If you are looking for this product don't hesitate to place an order! Filled with premium carbon to filter Remove chemical substances and other peculiar smell Comes with a strap for easy pulling Sponge strip makes the filter easy to get stuck Perfectly compatible with an air purifier to be used in home Sealed tightly to ensure the filter long service life Easy to replace

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