4000 Gallons Pond Pressure Bio Filter with 13W UV Light

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Made of anti-aging ABS material the pond pressure bio filter is durable. Equipped with an ultraviolet clarifier it can effectively decompose harmful substances and improve water quality. Two kinds of biochemical sponges with different densities can effectively guarantee the balance of water flow and the reproduction and survival of nitrifying bacteria. In addition the self-cleaning function can prevent the sponge space from being occupied by mud and the dirty water can be diverted into the sewage system or lawn for water recycling. The bio filter is designed for providing you with crystal clear pond water. Don't hesitate to place an order! Made of high-quality ABS material resistant to sunlight and aging Comes with a UV bulbs system to inhibit the growth of algae With bio sponges to ensure the balance of water flow and the reproduction of nitrifying bacterial Suitable for pond fountain fish tank and aquarium Dual outlet design for effective recycling of water resources Easy to maintain with self-cleaning function Comes with detailed instructions for easy operation

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