Baby Swing Electric Rocking Chair with Music Timer-Gray

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This baby electric rocking chair has 5 different swing amplitudes to choose from and they are 18-degree 21-degree 23-degree 25-degree and 31-degree. The 3-stage timing function simplifies the setting steps and is convenient for you to set the time to what you need with one button. The aluminum frame and curved base improve overall stability and can withstand up to 20 lbs of weight. Besides you can also play built-in music via USB interface. The stable base and strong frame can firmly support the column baby. The metal sheet is easy to disassemble and assemble and will not consume your time and energy. This electric rocking chair will be the perfect choice for novice mothers! If you are looking for a baby electric rocking chair like this don't hesitate to place an order! 5 swing amplitudes to comfort your baby easily 8 minutes/15 minutes/30 minutes timer function for easy operation LED digital display and remote control are easy to operate Built-in 10 music which can be played via USB connection Removable ceiling and mosquito nets provide different usage patterns 5-point seat belt can secure the baby safely and stably Detachable U-shaped pillow protects baby's cervical spine 2 cute toys quickly attract baby's attention Non-slip base effectively increases friction Made of non-toxic and safe materials certified by ASTM and FCC The high-quality aluminum frame can withstand a weight of 20 lbs 10 different kinds of music can make your baby calm down quickly and fall asleep