Large Breed Pet Door with 14.5 x 12" flap opening

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Finding the right pet door is important, and there's a lot to consider. Of course, the size of your pet versus the size of the pet door is paramount, but have you considered what kind of winds the door's exterior experiences, or what kinds of creatures from your backyard might sneak in?

Soft flap pet doors, flexible and safe, are a great choice for many pets and many houses, but with exposure to use and abuse from pets and weather alike, they tend to curl and lose their ability to create a seal. This offers plenty of opportunity for unexpected and unwanted guests like chilly breezes and woodland critters to enter through your pet door.

The benefits of hard plastic pet doors:
-- Secure locking mechanism keeps unwanted critters out when door is not in use
-- Weather-proof seal with bristles and gentle magnet closure insulates without being difficult for pets to open
-- Low maintenance and very easy to clean
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