20" Wall Mounted Teak Wood Folding Shower Bath Seat

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This is the folding shower seat which can bring you much convenience.   Some people like seniors or pregnant women who have problems bending down or standing long for shower no longer need to worry about slipping on the floor with it. They can sit comfortably and will feel warm to lean against its wooden back. Not only does the teak wood seat make daily life easier but it is also a nice touch in your shower. The foldaway seat is made of high quality teak wood whose surface is not sprayed with any chemical printing. It maintains natural charm which fits for almost all kinds of bathrooms. Besides the solid aluminum frame can support a large weight up to 330 pounds. It means that you will keep a good balance without any hazard of tilting over. When not in use it can spring back and snugs close to the wall.   Come to buy one and you can enjoy a wonderful home spa!   Beautiful finished burmese teak wood - stronger and higher quality than other wood shower benches Not sprayed with any painting does no harm to the body Sturdy aluminum frame is erosion resistance Large load capacity up to 350 pounds Great performance in stability and durability Can sit on comfortably and keep a good balance Can put towels or shampoo on it with easy access to Can be used for other various occasions like hallways or garage Fold-up design is pretty space saving compared to shower chairs Easy to install and easy to use as long as you follow the introduction only need to drill on the wall as required